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Injury Update: Russell Martin

Toronto Blue Jays starting catcher Russel Martin has been added to the disabled list (DL) with with nerve inflammation in his left shoulder.

Unfortunately, this adds yet another everyday player for the Jays on the disabled list. However, Martin should be back to 100% in 10 days, unlike Donaldson, Tulo, and everyone else currently on the DL. If you include the Kendrys Morales also being added potentially (hamstring), that means $70 million of payroll are on the disabled list… yikes!

“I’m having a hard time lifting my arm and catching certain pitches,” Martin told media. “It’s unlike anything I’ve ever had in my career.”

Fortunately, John Gibbons does not think it will be a big problem and doesn’t expect it to be a long-term absence.

“It’s like I physically have a hard time doing certain things that I’ve never had trouble doing before,” Martin said. “You’re rarely 100 per cent in this game, but I definitely felt like there were times where I was missing pitches that I’m used to putting in play.”

Russell Martin is one of the Jays most irreplaceable players on the 25-man roster, and one that we could not afford to lose longterm. Thankfully, the Jays happen to have some catching depth in AAA Buffalo. While they are not superstars, they will do until Martin comes back and the Jays get a backup catcher (more on that another time). They have called up Luke Maile and Mike Ohlman, whom have already debuted as Jays in the past few days. Ohlman only had one start, but Maile has been filling in for Martin everyday. He may not drive in a lot of offence, but he has been quite good over the past few games.

“It’s definitely the hardest position to play in the game,” says Dioner Navarro, a fellow catcher. “Look, no disrespect to anybody, but if you’re playing third base, you just have to think about third base. If you’re playing shortstop, you just have to think about shortstop. But as catchers, we have to think about third base, shortstop, second base, first base, the pitcher, everything. Really, no one on the field has to think and do as much as us. And there’s not many guys who do it all as well as Russ.”

Alyssa Cohen

Injury Update: Dalton Pompey

In last weeks WBC Canada game, Blue Jays player Dalton Pompey slid head first into second base, resulting in some dizziness and worry.

Journalists have been telling us all week that he would be fine and ready for the upcoming season, but last night news broke and revealed otherwise.

Sadly, Dalton Pompey has yet another concussion and will be out indefinitely.

Last season in June, Dalton Pompey caught a pop-fly during the bottom of the ninth and smashed his head into the wall. Bisons medical staff came rushing onto the field, but he was left to finish off the game after nothing serious was suspected. A few days later, we found out that Pompey had gotten a concussion from the hit, and would be out until further notice.


While the concussion from the WBC game came from a head-first stolen base, and not a wall smash, it is still very serious. Ross Atkins announced yesterday that he has a concussion and is going to be shut down.

MLB does not have any strict concussion protocol or rules, leaving it up to the team’s discretion as to when a player with a concussion will come back. Normally, they will be put on the disabled list, but since rules have changed and there is only a 10-day DL, I am not sure how this will work. Since it is only Spring Training, Pompey has a few weeks to recover until opening day.

If this were to have happened during the regular season, losing Dalton Pompey could have been crucial. While the Jays have quality outfielders within the organization – most at the major league level – none are as speedy as Pompey, and speed is something that the current 25-man roster lacks. If anything were to happen with any of the Jays outfield options (players), Pompey could come up and help the team immensely.

Hopefully by the time the regular season begins, Pompey will be all clear under concussion protocol, or very close to coming back to baseball. We wish him all the best!

Alyssa Cohen