The Official 2017 Rule Changes to MLB

With a new season comes new players, and now even more rules to obey.

Originally, Commissioner of MLB Rob Manfred shared with the media that the CBA did not approve any of the suggested rules. They seemed to be very strict on changes and un-cooperative.

On March 2, 2o17 MLB came out with a statement addressing the official 2017 rule changes… there goes the “leaving the game the way it is” attitude from the CBA.

The new rule changes are as follows:

  • No Pitch Intentional Walk
  • 30 – Second limit for managers to decide whether to challenge play.
  • Crew chief may invoke replay review for non-HR (home run) calls beginning in the 8th inning instead of the 7th inning.
  • 2 – minute guideline for replay officials to make decision.
  • Prohibition of markers on field that could create reference system for fielders.
  • Pitcher may not take 2nd step towards home plate or otherwise reset pivot foot during delivery (of pitch).

In my opinion, these rules do more bad than good.

A no pitch intentional walk ruins part of the excitement of baseball. Have you seen the Gary Sanchez sac-fly off of an intentional walk ball? Or seen Vladimir Guerrero hit a home run on an unintentional-intentional walk ball? These were the moments that added a surprise touch of excitement to the game of baseball, and now stuff like this will never happen again!

Although I am a fan of lowering the time that managers can ask to review calls, and how long it’ll take umpires to make decisions on replay reviews, this will only slow the game down by the time of about five minutes (if that).

The stupidest rule of all has got to be the “Pitcher may not take 2nd step towards home plate or otherwise reset pivot foot during delivery (of pitch).” It’s just dumb.

I understand what Major League Baseball is trying to do. They want to game to be faster, but they want much more offence and excitement. Those two don’t add up. More offence would result in longer games, as each inning needs 3 outs to be completed. If more offence is somehow created, that’ll mean more batters coming up to hit. If they want to make the games somehow shorter, there will have to be less offence and quicker outs.

I would love to hear your opinion(s) on these rule changes, you can tweet me (and follow me while your at it) here!

The entire office of MLB is trying to make baseball appear to different people, but we all know that baseball lovers won’t be leaving anytime soon because of minor changes to rules.

Alyssa Cohen


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