July 2016

2016 Series Recap: Toronto vs. San Diego – 07/25/16-07/27/16

Hi everyone!

After a 3 game series against the San Diego Padres, the Toronto Blue Jays win the series 2-1, with the help of our beast of a lineup and an unforgettable walk off win.

Josh Donaldson, Devon Travis, Russel Martin and Kevin Pillar played very well during this 3 game series.

During the series, the Blue Jays traded Class A Prosepect Pitcher Hansel Rodriguez in exchange for Melvin Upton Jr. and Drew Storen for RHP  Joakin Benoit.

As I will now be doing for series recaps, I will be recapping my personal favourite game of the series. As you all should expect, for this series recap I will be recapping Game 2… AKA the best Blue Jays game since ALDS Game 5!

Game 2: Blue Jays Walk-off Win 7-6 in 12 innings

Let me set this up for you before I recap this game. It’s currently 11:46pm on Tuesday (the game just finished about 30 minutes ago), my parents are both sleeping. I’m writing this blog post, while (quietly) playing Hooked on a Feeling on repeat. Now, this was not what I was anticipating the outcome for tonights game to be.

Andrew Cashner came into this ball game quite confidently. There were about eight scouts watching his performance today, and I personally think that he really should have been pulled out of today’s start. There was so much pressure for him, and I think that would’ve been fair. Marcus Stroman pitched a good first inning, and at the time he looked very confident. Cashner walked Jose Bautista to start the first inning, and the reigning MVP brought the rain and blasted a 2 run homer to make it 2-0 Blue Jays. Then, Ryan Schimpf hit an RBI double to make it a 2-1 ball game. A good few minutes later and Justin Smoak “smokes” one down the line and hits a solo homer, making it 3-1 Blue Jays.

And this is when the fun began.

With 2 on and one out, Alex Dickerson (yes, that guy) hits a 3-run homerun off of Marcus Stroman, making the score now 4-3, letting the Padres lead for the first time this series. The Padres (at this point), had homered in 24 straight games. I’ll admit, I was bummed. Especially after John Gibbons aloud Stroman to stay out not only to get the other 2 outs of the inning, but also for the entire next inning. Stroman was not really that bad, he didn’t allow any other earned runs, and had a less than solid outing.

Neither starter factored into Tuesday evening’s decision.

In the bottom of the same inning, Russel Martin scores from 3rd base on a wild pitch… that’s not the last time the Blue Jays would score on another wild pitch that night! And now we have a tied ball game 4-4.

Zooming into the future, let’s head on over to the epic 12th inning. Jesse Chavez steps in, and with a Padre on 2nd base, Matt Kemp shoots a 2 run homerun, and the scoreboard shows 6-4 Padres, definitely not what any of us hoped for. It looked as though the Padres were about to earn their first ever victory at the Rogers Centre, but we were not going to give them that satisfactory.

Just when we thought our Blue Jays were down and out, they suddenly became up and in. Devon Travis lead off the bottom half of the 12th inning with a 14 pitch at bat, which resulted in a walk (as well as a “10 feet from being a homer” foul ball play with 2 on base that would’ve won the game) Toronto loaded the bases with one out for Jose Bautista, and we (once again) tied the game 6-6 from an RBI walk (Bautista), as well as a fielders choice (Josh Donaldson) that aloud a run to score (two runs in total). All of this set the stage for Padres reliever Paul Clemens. With 2 on and 2 out, Devon Travis scored the walk off run as he bolted across the 3rd base line on a wild pitch. Now, THAT is what I call a Toronto Blue Jays ball game.

After an incredible series, the Blue Jays were 5 runs short of there second series sweep this season (or would it have been third sweep… I don’t remember).

I believe that this series was almost like a glimpse into the future… or should I say October?


Trade Deadline Action: Acquired Melvin Upton Jr.

The start of the “Blue Jays Trade Deadline” action has officially started (with a bang, may I add).

This morning I woke up to this tweet…

And came back from work to this tweet…

In my opinion, I think this was a great trade. While Upton is not having an amazing season currently, he does have great numbers in the Rogers Centre. To clarify, he was with the Tampa Bay Rays organization for eight years, meaning he played against the Blue Jays several times in a season, let alone eight seasons. With signing Upton, we are not only signing a great defensive player, but also quite a good bat. I thought I’d share with you a little tweet where Upton does Pillar type things…

Upton, along with several other Blue Jays players shared excitement in this trade.

Gibbons spoke with some reporters about what will happen with the lineup situation in regarding Upton and Bautista’s role. “Upton will get first Blue Jays start tomorrow with Bautista at DH. We wanted to start him tonight, but are uncertain of if he’d get back tonight”.

Do you know what this means? Well, it means that I technically predicted this trade! See this tweet…

This is exactly the situation that Upton is being put in tomorrow!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this trade, either in the comments below, or tweet me (@aalyssacohen)!

Alyssa Cohen

Bonus: It’s now 11:30pm when I’m typing this sentence, the Blue Jays JUST traded Drew Storen for Mariner Joakin Benoit. I will be posting a Series recap tomorrow (Thursday), and on Friday I will be making a post about Benoit and anybody else we manage to acquire in the next 48 hours then. For now, stay updated on my twitter for all of the newest info on our Toronto Blue Jays!

BlueJays Trade Deadline 2016: Needs & Wants

Hi everyone!

With the MLB trade deadline just a few days away, the Blue Jays (along with all other clubs) are looking for players that will get their team to the postseason and beyond. The Blue Jays team is basically a line up full of All Stars and monsters, plus unreal starting pitching. But what’s what thing that isn’t nessicarily in line with the stars for the Blue Jays? You guessed it… the bullpen. Our starters lead the American League with the most quality starts (60+), while we (statistically) have the worst bullpen in the AL with a terrible loss record. And what better to look for before the trade deadline than a great reliever?

As my father says “Relievers come around a dime a dozen.” And although this may be true, a good one may be hard to find. Sure, there may be options on the market. From the Yankees, to the Cubs, clubs have pitchers to spare. But it all comes down to what we’d trade for them. Last year and over the past few seasons, Alex Anthopolus basically wiped out our entire farm system, other than top prospects Anthony Alford, Pat Venditte and Dalton Pompey. Can we afford to loose anyone in our 40-man roster? I’ve heard a rumour about trading Drew Storen, but what can we get for him, and what would clubs be willing to offer?

Another idea would be finding an outfielder to replace Jose Bautista. Bautista could come in for 1B and the occasional time at DH, while a new outfielder can be placed in RF. As I mentioned before, our lineup is filled with a bunch of gold glovers and silver sluggers. Why would we want to sacrafise a precious spot in our monster line up for an average or mediocre batter and/or outfielder? Well, fact is we wouldn’t. Many clubs seem to have an interest in Devon Travis, but how much are we willing to give? With Travis out of the lineup, Ryan Goins would have to be brought back up to our Blue Jays, and he’d have to play likely everyday. Goins is just recovering from an injury developed during the 19 inning Canada Day game where him and Darwin Barney ended up pitching an inning a piece. I really don’t think trading Travis for an outfielder and/or reliever would be a good idea, but that’s just my opinion.

Ross Atkins has said that he doesn’t think the Jays really need anything to make our team better, and Jose Bautista agrees.

Weighing out our options seems like the best idea at this time, but nothing can top last years trade deadline acquisitions, that made us just 90 feet away from a World Series.

Alyssa Cohen


2016 All Star Game Predictions and Start Guide!

Hi everyone!

The 2016 All Star game starts in about 30 minutes (if you’re reading this right when it came out) and I could not be more excited! Even though there are no Blue Jays in the starting lineup, I REALLY hope the American League team wins! If this is your first All Star Game watch, let’s catch you up!

  • The league that wins the All Star Game has the home field advantage in the final World Series post season series! Unlike in the League Divison Series, or League Championship series where the team with the better record has the home team advantage, whichever league wins the ASG claims the WS home field advantage! With my favourite team being the Toronto Blue Jays, I will be “rooting” for the American League to win, because the Blue Jays are very possible playoff contenders, and we could possibly get as far as the World Series!
  • The starting lineup of the All Star Game is voted on every year by MLB fans! Every team has one player represented in each qualifying spot. Fans will vote until the deadline and the next day the starting lineups, bench, and bullpen will be announced.
  • The bench and bullpen (as well as the overall team manager during the All Star Game) is managed by the 2 World Series team managers each year! This year the AL Manager is Ned Yost (from the Kansas City Royals, AKA 2015 World Series Champs!), and NL Manager is Terry Collins (from the New York Mets).
  • Final Vote players are picked from the managers, and whoever wins the “final vote” fills the last spot on the 40 man team roster. This years AL winner was Blue Jays and Canada’s very own Michael Saunders!

Now that you’re caught up on all things All Star Game, let’s get to my predictions!

Winner: American League

Final Score: I really have no clue, but something close!

MVP: Mike Trout or David Ortiz
MT: Looking for his 3 straight All Star Game MVP award!
DO: Looking for an MVP award in his final All Star Game.

4th Inning: Aaron Sanchez (Mother – “Don’t hurt yourself… PLEASE!!!!!”)

Let me know your #ASG predictions and tweet them to me here (@aalyssacohen)!

Alyssa Cohen