February 2016

Jose Bautista – $150 Million for 5 Years?

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Haven’t been on here in a while! Had an amazing discussion today with a few great friends about Toronto and Baseball, Basketball and Hockey. It motivated me to post on this blog today, so I thought I would! I also wore my favourite BlueJays T-Shirt to school today, which I thought you’d like to know!

Most of you are probably aware of yesterdays big BlueJays news, so I thought I’d share my personal opinions on it!

Yesterday, Jose Bautista publicly illegibly demanded a contract extension from the BlueJays for $150 Million USD (equal to about $207 CAD) for 5 years. Jose Bautista is currently 35 (turning 36 in October), and will be 41 when this new contract would expire.

“Cabrera is baseball’s highest-paid position player, earning $31-million per season with the Detroit Tigers. Zack Greinke is the game’s top-paid player overall, after signing a free-agent contract with Arizona worth $34 million per season.” Sourced

The team officials compared him to Derek Jeter and Miguel Cabrerra when discussing the value Jose Bautista has in the clubhouse and organization.

There are a limited amount of scenarios that would be amazing to have Jose Bautista here for the next 5 years. But, there are many negatives to this contract. Bautista would be payed $30 Million for the next 5 years, and that’s a huge amount to allot to one player on the yearly payroll. Would we want to have him on payroll for the next 5 years, not knowing what could happen to him because of his age? Yes, he may be a power house, but that’s a lot of hoping. And although it would be amazing to have Bautista here until he retires, most signs are pointing to other teams besides the BlueJays for him to sign with. In my mind, Jose Bautista has been the face of this organization for quite a while, and we would all be sad to see him go. Will the end of an era with Mr. Bat Flip be coming close? Possibly, but there is still bright light at the end of the tunnel.

And by bright light, I mean this…


Josh Donaldson Signs 2-Year $29 Million Contract

Hi everyone!

Today is a very important day for BlueJays fans! If you weren’t aware, BlueJays MLB Insiders (people who get emails from the BlueJays) were able to participate in a single game tickets pre-sale. The sale ends sometime tomorrow. Also, if you follow the BlueJays on Twitter (follow me while you’re there: @aalyssacohen!) there is a “twitter follower” sale tomorrow from 10am-5pm. I just ordered tickets not even 30 minutes ago for the game that is on my birthday… I COULDN’T BE MORE EXCITED!!!

Today Josh Donaldson also signed a very important deal with our Toronto BlueJays! Josh Donaldson was originally going to be having an arbitration hearing on February 15 for 11.8 million, when the BlueJays were only going to offer him $11.35. Thankfully, they ended up giving him a multi-year deal (which has been rumored for the past few days). The contract is now a 2-year deal for $29 Million. I believe that this is a marvelous trade on both ends of the bargain. First of all, Josh Donaldson seemed to love it here this past season, and let’s face it… all of Canada loved him back! He did gain his MVP award from being part of our team, so why wouldn’t he love it here? The BlueJays got an amazing deal out of this contract. I believe the BlueJays have 9-11 free agents currently in the clubhouse. Among them being big names such as Drew Storen, Brett Cecil, Edwin Encarnacion and of course Mr. Bat Flip himself, Jose Bautista. At the end of next season, when the BlueJays have offers and contracts to worry about, the AL MVP Donaldson won’t be one of the worries. Which is a BIG sigh of relief. Whether you’re a bandwagon fan or a fan since 1993, you wouldn’t want Josh Donaldson to leave us anytime soon.

Let’s not forget during The Leadoff event that happened several days ago, Ross Atkins – the BlueJays General Manager – responded to a Josh Donaldson based question with “We want him here as long as humanly possible.” And I don’t think anyone could argue with that.