January 2016

BlueJays Weekly Roundup: Jan. 17-24, 2016

Hi everyone!

This weeks BlueJays weekly roundup post is going to be rather short for 2 reasons. One, I made a few blog posts this week about some events in the BlueJays and baseball world. Two, not much happened this week!

Something most of you probably heard about was the Kawasaki White Sox deal. Munenori Kawasaki signed a minor league with the Chicago Cubs! Here’s an interesting point: On December 11th, the Blue Jays signed Darwin Barney to a one-year $1.050 million MLB contract. Then the Jays claimed pitcher Joe Biagini in the Rule V Draft and he was given number 66. Um, that’s Kawasaki’s number!

I made 2 posts this week about Aaron Sanchez becoming a starter and DH’s in the NL! Go read them now if you haven’t already!

This week also concluded the 2016 Winter Tour. Upper Canada Mall would have been a great place for myself to have met them, although I wasn’t available.

I hope that you are all enjoying my blog! I have gotten a ton of good feedback, and I’m glad that you are all enjoying it!

Don’t forget to answer this months trivia questions in the comments below or tweet me the answer on twitter (@aalyssacohen)!

Catch you in the Rogers Centre!


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DH/Pitcher Problems in the National League

Hi everyone!

One of my favourite things to do in my spare time include writing blog posts and catching up on Twitter. As I’ve said before, one of the best (if not the best) communities on Twitter include the MLB one. Friday afternoon we had some spare time in class, and I checked Twitter on my iPhone. “DH in the NL” was among the top 20 trends in Canada, and I was immediately in wonder of what I could’ve missed. Turns out, I didn’t miss much. Other than the fact that the entire world was sharing there opinion about DH’s in the NL. As a Baseball blogger for a team in the AL, I don’t have much experience nor have I really formed an opinion on this. Although, I do have an opinion on one thing. Something that I think that the National League should think about is not making pitchers hit. Pitchers are an essential part of a baseball team, whether it be little league or the majors. Pitchers are not hitters and that’s something that they need to understand. Who remembers when “thee who shall not be named” (no I don’t mean Voldemort I mean David Price.. Haha) got a base hit, and I believed that tied the game?! I’ll admit, that was pretty cool but it’s something you definitely wouldn’t see everyday, or every season for that matter.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the ideas above in the comments below, or as always feel free to throw me a tweet @aalyssacohen!To end off today’s post, I have a trivia question for you all! My mom has been sharing my blog with a few of her co-workers who like the BlueJays, and one of them gave me a question to ask you… So hear it is:
For the four major sports leagues in North America – MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL – what are the only 2 days of the year where there are no games played in any of these league?

Answer in the comments or below or tweet it to me, and the winner and answer will be revealed in my next post!
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Aaron Sanchez Relief -> Starter?

Hi everyone!

I hope your week has been going well. Today, we are going to be talking about Aaron Sanchez possibly becoming the Toronto BlueJays 5 or 6 starter.

Currently, the pitcher chart looks like this.


  • Stroman
  • Estrada
  • Dickey
  • Happ
  • Chavez*
  • Hutchinson*


  • Osuna
  • Sanchez
  • Cecil
  • Storen
  • Loup
  • Teppera
  • Shultz
  • Biagini

*According to multiple reporters Chavez and Hutchinson are fighting for the 5 starting pitcher spot.

With 6* starters and 8 relievers, we are not in dire need of anymore pitchers, let alone a new starter.

Sanchez was talking to media press just a few days ago (since a lot of them are around the city for the 2016 Winter Tour), and all I was hearing was “I want to be a starter.” or different variations of that statement.

“Starter, 100 per cent,” Stroman said when asked what role he envisioned Sanchez playing with the club this season. “Everything we did this year was for that. We didn’t work out twice a day for two months for him to be a reliever.

“So he’s 100-per-cent ready to go out there and go seven, eight, nine innings every five days. That’s kind of been our mentality – nine every five. That’s something that we’ve kind of been saying in the gym. And everything we’ve done, our preparation, is to start.”

“I think that’s always been my idea,” Sanchez said when asked about his ultimate desire to be a starter.

Let’s take a look at Sanchez’s stats in comparison to his best friend and teammate Marcus Stroman:

Stroman ERA 2015: 1.67
Sanchez ERA 2015: 3.22

Stroman WHIP 2015: 0.963
Sanchez WHIP 2015: 1.28

Even though Stroman’s stats are significantly higher than Sanchez’s, be aware that Sanchez played many many more games than Stroman this year. Plus Sanchez’s stats are still very good against other pitchers!

Now the choice lays in the hands of the front office. Personally, I’m not really sure of this option. Right now the pitching and defense is quite strong, and I’m not so sure that making Sanchez a starter is the right option at this point. Who know’s what will happen during the season!

A post that opened up my mind to different options earlier in the day was a post written by Ian over at The BlueJays Hunter. He discussed some very interesting options for both Sanchez and Hutchinson to start the BlueJays 2016 season. Check it out here, and tell him I sent you!

Have any thoughts about Sanchez? Comment below or throw me a tweet on my twitter!

Catch you in the Rogers Centre!


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BlueJays Weekly Roundup: Jan. 11-17, 2016

Good evening everyone!

As I write this it is currently late Saturday (yesterday) night, but I feel that writing at night is when I feel most motivated and inspired! Before I begin, I would like to again thank you all for the amazing love, support and feedback on this blog! It has been amazing writing for everyone in this community, and I really love it!

This week, I’m going to be starting a new feature on my blog called the “BlueJays Weekly Roundup”! Basically, every week I will be sharing some of the highlights or interesting things that happened to our favourite Toronto BlueJays!

Something I’ve been loving this week (I’m currently listening to it right now) is the song “These Days” by Mike Stud feat. Marcus Stroman. You read that right… The BlueJays future Ace is now rapping! If you haven’t heard the song listen to it when you’re done reading this, you won’t regret it! Mike Stud (the main rapper) is best friends with Marcus Stroman and they met when they were arranged roommates at Duke University. According to Stud, Stroman was with him through it all and understands him the most. Marcus Stroman’s verse in the song is amazing, especially if you’re a BlueJays fan! 

I’ve also been enjoying the BlueJays Birds Nest Podcast! It’s available for free on iTunes, and you can subscribe to it here.

Yesterday, I found out that one of my favourite places to buy Authentic Toronto BlueJays clothes is leaving my local mall, and they were having a HUGE sale… I couldn’t resist. I bought a really cute Baseball style shirt that I’d actually never seen before. It’s really cute, and fits really nicely. 

Now, to get into the official side of the Toronto BlueJays.

Discuss arbitration,

On Friday, I made a post on the BlueJays players who filed for arbitration and the one (Josh Donaldson), who is going for a hearing for only $450k. If you want to read more about this, you can read it here.

Another major deal that was made just over a week ago was the Ben Revere/Drew Storen deal. I found out about this deal last Saturday (I believe that was the day it was official) at around 11:30pm. I KID YOU NOT, my BlueJays senses were tingling, and I hadn’t checked Twitter all day. I just had to check it… apparently the whole country was talking about it without me. Needless to say I was high on energy and went to bed way later than I should have after hearing about the trade… but it was Saturday, parents! I ran into my parents’s room and broke the news, although they’d been sleeping for over an hour, I couldn’t resist telling them! If you didn’t know my Mom is a HUGE BlueJays fan and was actually among the crowd of the 1993 World Series game where the Joe Carter hit the homerun, and the BlueJays won it all. It’ll happen this year, I assure you! Back on track. I’m still not sure how I feel about this deal. I actually ran a Twitter pole that night, and over 65% of the people who voted thought that we (the BlueJays) had the better end of the deal. Drew Storen was a great reliever for the Nationals, so I guess the deal was good. Although, Ben Revere was one of the “happiest baseball players” and I was really sad that we traded him. Earlier in the off-season, people were speculating that Kevin Pillar would be among a big trade, but I’d rather Pillar stay on our team than Revere anyday. Normally at this point I’d compare stats, but I don’t think it’s fair to compare a National League Pitcher/Reliever to an American League Outfielder. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the deal in the comments below!

Rumors have been spreading this past week about Texas Rangers RHP, Yovani Gallardo. If the BlueJays ending up getting him, I think that we would have enough pitchers on our team to start the season. Gallardo has an ERA of 3.42, and a total WHIP of 1.42. I’m not sure if the BlueJays are “officially” in the running for Gallardo, but these are just rumors and that’s what rumors are for!

Finally, a main point in this week’s BlueJays Discussion… Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion. Both are possible Free Agents after the 2016 season ends, although I don’t think that any BlueJays fan wants to see that future become a reality. With contracts like Chris Davis’, both could get loads of money in Free Agency. Encarnacion’s agents rumored to tell the BlueJays organization that Encarnacion wants an offer before Spring Training, or else he won’t be with them in 2017. Encarnacion was also reportedly talking to BlueJays staff this week about the situation, although no outcomes have been heard. Jose Bautista is rumored to start discussing with the BlueJays about his optional contract extension this upcoming week. Bautista’s agent put out this statement a few weeks ago, “If the Blue Jays want Jose back, he’d be very happy to end his career there but if they don’t want him, he will become a free agent,” Alou said, essentially explaining how a baseball negotiation works. “He’d be very happy to stay in Toronto. We’ll see what happens. We’ll see if Toronto wants to keep him. Jose is a hard worker. He works harder than anyone on the team.’’ I’m not very happy with his last comment, but I’ll get over it. If the statement is true, I’m sure they’ll be able to workout a deal. Besides, I’m sure all of Canada wants him to stay on the team as long as possible!

To end off today’s post, I thought that I would share some exciting news! NBA just put out the info for the NBA All-Star Basketball Game, hosted in Toronto (woooooo!) and Jose Bautista will be coaching the Canadian team, alongside “6ix God” Drake! I can’t wait to see how it unveils!

That is it for my first BlueJays Weekly Roundup! I hope you all enjoyed it!

Catch you in the Rogers Centre!


Arbitration BlueJays News

Good Morning everyone!

First off all, I’d like to say thank you for all of the wonderful feedback I received from my first post, or on Twitter! The entire MLB community truly is the sweetest! I was even mentioned on this Weekends “Weekend Warriors“.

This morning, we are going to be discussing everything Arbitration, that relates to the BlueJays, of course!

As many of you have probably been aware, many of the BlueJays pitchers filed for Arbitration. With the deadline being yesterday, there was a lot of pressure for the BlueJays organization to see what they would be doing with those players.

These BlueJays have agreed to terms and are no longer on Arbitration.

Drew Storen, Brett Cecil, Michael Saunders, Drew Hutchison, Aaron Loup and Steve Delabar. Storen ($8.375 million), Cecil ($3.8 million), Hutchison ($2.2 million), Loup ($1.05 million), Saunders ($2.9 million) and Delabar ($835,000) all obtained raises from their 2015 salaries.

Although, one key player is missing from this list.

Josh Donaldson.

The Blue Jays offered Donaldson $11.35 million, while he asked for $11.8 million, as reported by Sportsnet. This will be the second consecutive season a possible arbitration hearing may occur for Donaldson.

Are you surprised by any of the above information? Let me know in the comments below, or tweet me @aalyssacohen.

Side Note – I haven’t been able to find many BlueJays calls, so I’m going to have to think of something else! For now…

Catch you in the Rogers Centre!


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